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Find Industrial Valves, Pipe Fittings, Ball Valves, etc., that are assured of operating at the top of their class at all times.
About Our Company

For over 50 years, we, Techno Sales, have been dedicating our efforts to boost valve supply across the Indian market. Hardly a day goes by when we fail to adopt the right practices as a supplier and wholesaler and work to optimize benefits of clients looking for Industrial Valves, Cast Iron Valve, Gate Valve, Actuator Ball Valve, Pipe Fitting, Steam Trap, and similar other products. We ally with leading manufacturers and sellers of these products with whom we exchange our experience and expertise directly without involving third parties. Working together helps us come up with solutions that meet needs of our end customers in a better and more efficient way.

Since 1968 when we first planted our business, we have focused on delivering maximum customer benefit with our range of application-oriented solutions. With many new and exemplary leaders at the forefront of our wholesale business today, we still work to the best of our caliber as we continue striving to be the No.1 name in our field.

Industries Catered To

Clients from many industries have been a part of our exciting journey so far. In all these years, we have not only presented them with tangible benefits in the form of our world class products but also satisfied them with numerous intangible benefits. Following are the industries where our range is widely demanded and where we take pride of holding formidable reputation with our product and service leadership:

  • Export houses
  • Fire safety suppliers
  • Paper mills
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Petroleum tanker owners
  • Petroleum tanker body builders
  • Power stations
  • Private and government undertakings
  • Refineries
  • Sugar mills
  • Textile mills
  • Trade & commerce firms

Our Team

No company that wishes to survive market competition can take teamwork for granted. A team that is dysfunctional or keeps dodging work leads to the downfall of a company. Likewise, a good team props up the company in the face of any adversity. At Techno Sales, we boast of having a team comprising members with common interests. These professionals hailing from diverse fields help us bring efficiency in our business, and lead without fear in a competitive business environment. Being a good employer, we come up with group cohesion strategies and streamlined business strategies from time to time so that all our experts can thrive as they collaborate to satisfy various needs of clients related to the purchase of Industrial Valves, Cast Iron Valve, Gate Valve, Actuator Ball Valve, Pipe Fitting, Steam Trap, and similar other products.

We have experts from diverse backgrounds and with varying level of experiences in the following core teams:

  • Procurement Team
  • R&D Team
  • Quality Assurance Team
  • Warehousing Team
  • Packaging Team
  • Sales & Marketing Team

Why Choose Us?

After gaining great insight of our industry, we have finally emerged as a company whose trade record is filled with unsurpassable success and accomplishments. We have moved ahead in the product wholesale and supply business with the help of these strengths:

  • Right Partners: We have trustworthy vendors and partners who leave no stone unturned in fulfilling our demands. We share great working relationships with them forged on pillars of faith and integrity. We actively strive with them to deliver the best benefits to our own clients.
  • Good Quality Practices: It takes great commitment and timely follow-through to keep quality top notch in a wholesale business. We implement the right quality control policies and procedures so that this translates to our clients getting products of expected standards on all orders. Every item purchased is thoroughly evaluated on factors like dimensional accuracy, finish, heat resistance, wear & tear resistance, etc., by a team of quality control experts before being approved for sale from our end.
  • Fair Pricing: However successful a company is, its pricing strategy can make or mar its reputation in the long run. We take the right steps and come up with a product pricing model that best benefits our customers. All our products featuring international quality are sold at fair prices that are best in the market. We can also offer customized products at low cost, upon confirmation from our manufacturing partners.
  • Research and Development: We make use of smart research tools and technologies to ensure that what we offer is in alignment with the changing market trends. Our researchers put a lot of effort and time to understand consumer preferences, market needs, etc., and then use their unique viewpoints to connect with the right vendors for sourcing the right products at the best prices.

Our Infrastructure

We have invested in building a spacious setup to prioritise our key work areas, which are product procurement, product quality assurance, product storage, product packaging, market research, etc. The setup serves as the right framework where each of these operations can be optimised as needed. Highly advanced machines, equipment and tools have been installed at different departments of the setup, which are again managed by specialised teams, to ensure better workflow and business efficiency. 

Client Satisfaction

We begin by targeting the right customers from across major industries and then work hard to build longstanding relations with them based on transparency, mutual profitability, business integrity and value. Keeping their interests and benefits ahead of our own, we make sure that we provide them only with the most suitable products like Cast Iron Valve, Gate Valve, Actuator Ball Valve, etc., that help them succeed in their own fields too. As a part of our client satisfaction strategy, we also offer flexible purchase and payment options, and ensure timely order deliveries, nationwide.
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